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Saturday, 20 January 2007

New version of the Gmail Checker extension is available now, though I've made it as a beta release first since there were some significant changes. It now uses the new SQL storage of Firefox2 to keep the configuration information, and you can also mark a mail as spam via the extension instead of going to Gmail. The latter feature was implemented to save me some seconds going to Gmail just to report spam.

A lame screenshot:


Update (14/2/07)

Beta2 is available. New features can be referred from this post's comments. There were no bug fixes. I feel proud.

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  1. Thanks for a great extension. I have a feature request though. I filter my email a lot and have lots of unread email under different tags, primarily from various lists.

    It would be great if the Gmail Checker could be configured to only report unread mail in my inbox, and not stuff that is archived.
    by techxplorer on Sunday, 28 January 2007, 11:43 pm #
  2. Love the extension, but the beta does not allow me to log in, at least in Windows XP Professional running Firefox (haven't tried it on my Mac yet). I right-click on the icon and select "Log in" and nothing happens. No dialog box, nothing. Just thought I'd pass this along, but for now, I'll just go back to non-beta. I'll let you know if I test it on my Mac.
    by James on Monday, 29 January 2007, 02:55 am #
  3. Techxplore: Sure, I'll add an option to check mails in inbox only.

    James: I'll check it. I've been using the extension fine on my Linux box, though.
    by NT on Monday, 29 January 2007, 06:14 am #
  4. OK, I've tested the extension on Windows and even Solaris as well (not that anyone would care :D) and there wasn't any problem at all. James, try clearing cookies set by Google. That might help.
    by NT on Monday, 29 January 2007, 12:14 pm #
  5. I see that you added my translation :). I'm not using your extension anymore because now I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird, but I think that you have made a great job. Keep going. Anyway, if you need new translation (for new options) simply send me a file to translate and I'll do it.
    Little off-topic: I'd also like to say that I like your PHP scripts very much and I think that adding a MySQL based version would be a good idea. I know that there are many other news/calendar scripts, but I like yours very much and MySQL version would be good for people who have databases. Of course file based version is needed too. I'm going to use some of them when I'll be creating website ;).
    P.S. While trying to add this comment I typed wrong CAPTCHA and except "Wrong verification word." message I've noticed ugly: "Warning: session_regenerate_id() [function.session-regenerate-id]: Cannot regenerate session id - headers already sent in /nfsn/content/jim/htdocs/projects/news/plugins/captcha/captcha.php on line 43" - you should use @ sign to make those errors not show :), just leave that message "Wrong verification word.". Fix this bug, please.
    by Marcin Hacia on Monday, 5 February 2007, 09:32 pm #
  6. SQL databases are overkill for these scripts, so I don't think I'm going to add this support.
    I'm still experimenting with the captcha; that's why I've left error messages displayed, though I haven't experienced the error you mentioned.
    by NT on Monday, 5 February 2007, 10:18 pm #
  7. Would it be possible to have the plugin open gmail in a new tab rather than using the current tab?

    Thanks for a great program by the way.
    by Paul on Friday, 9 February 2007, 08:26 am #
  8. Yep, it's possible. I think I'll release beta2 some time this weekend that would have this ability and also an option not to check mails in labels.
    Note that with the current version, you can ctrl+click on a message's subject to open it in a new tab.
    by NT on Friday, 9 February 2007, 12:15 pm #
  9. Sweet extension...thanks. How about an option to "delete" an email to go along with the "report spam"?
    by Michael on Saturday, 10 February 2007, 09:29 pm #
  10. No problem. I'll add the "delete mail" option in beta2.
    by NT on Sunday, 11 February 2007, 07:26 pm #
  11. Awesome! Also, is it possible to keep the pop-up window open after reporting spam? Right now, mine closes each time I report spam on a message, then I have to go back down to the statusbar icon to open it up again. Thanks.
    by Michael on Monday, 12 February 2007, 11:10 pm #
  12. It's possible, but not worth the effort.
    by NT on Tuesday, 13 February 2007, 01:26 am #
  13. No support for gmail "hosted" accounts. You can log in with names that don't end in "" See the link I provided for an example. In this case, my email ends in @ Just thought you'd like to know.
    by Beckerist on Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 12:46 am #
  14. Great extension!
    Can you add a sound for new mails?
    by ZYwebs on Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 01:18 pm #
  15. Sound notification? It's annoying and also sound support sucks on my Linux machine, so I don't think I'm going to add this.
    by NT on Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 04:11 pm #
  16. Thanks for this great extension. I have not had any problems on my Xpsp2 PC.

    I use high contrast/large styles/chrome because I have poor vision. Removing the parenethis helped read the number.. I was writing to see/suggest if there were any other ways to increase visibility. My thoughts were to perhaps change the background color, and/or use a solid green envelop icon for new mail (instead of the white+green version now.

    In any case...I will still use and appreciate the extension..thank you..
    by BJames on Wednesday, 14 February 2007, 09:04 pm #
  17. You can do that the sound for new mails will be an option... and let the user choose the sound that will be heard from his computer.
    by ZYwebs on Thursday, 15 February 2007, 12:43 pm #
  18. Mozilla seems to have its own sound playing engine, so yeah, I'll try implementing the sound notification function in, probably, beta3.
    by NT on Thursday, 15 February 2007, 02:44 pm #
  19. I would like to place a second vote for sound notification (as an on/off option). It may be a hassle to implement, but many people would benefit.

    by Steve on Saturday, 24 February 2007, 02:38 am #
  20. Not to drown this thread, but sound notification (that works in Linux) is the difference between this being a good and a great extension. I have my monitor set to turn off after idle to save power. I'm frequently working on my stamps or Magic cards at a nearby table and listening to XMMS play through the speakers. A subtle sound in the stream would let me know to come check my email, so that I can reply quickly to buyer questions.
    by Joshua McGee on Sunday, 25 February 2007, 04:08 am #
  21. Question
    Can I change the sound notification in gmail checker?

    If not, could you make that a feature? As in, allow a user to pick a sound file on his/her computer.

    by Dave on Sunday, 8 April 2007, 07:17 am #
  22. Not at the moment, but I've planned it for the next release.
    by NT on Sunday, 8 April 2007, 11:22 am #
  23. Doesn't seem to work to well for me.
    When I enter my Username and Password and click "Log in" it just sits there saying "Authenticating..." and when I close the window it logs in about 5 seconds later. Can't get it to remember me either.

    I'm using Version 1.0.91
    I have tried version 1.0.4 but it didn't work at all.
    I'm using:
    Windows Vista Ultimate Edition OEM

    And I have the following extensions installed:
    Download Statusbar
    English (Australian) Dictionary 0.2
    Gmail Checker 1.1.91 (hmm on the "About..." it has 1.0.91)
    Gmail Skins 0.9.8
    IE Tab

    Hope this helps.
    It's a good extension I just wish it would work as intended, love the size of it also.

    Do you think you could add an option that goes straight to gmail when you click the icon?

    Keep up the good work,

    by Craig on Thursday, 12 April 2007, 11:38 am #
  24. The extension works fine in Windows XP with all of your mentioned extensions. I'm not sure if it is a problem with Windows Vista.
    Version 1.0.91 is my way to call beta2 of version 1.1.
    If you right click on the mail icon, there's a link called "Visit Gmail website" that does what you asked. Clicking the icon would recheck your mailbox to keep its functionality consistent with version 1.0.
    by NT on Thursday, 12 April 2007, 02:22 pm #
  25. Hi. Thank you so much for a sorely-needed add-on. I'd like to make one suggestion: allow the option to always open a new tab when checking mail. As you surely know it's the new v2.x behavior. Thanks in advance!
    by Tsee on Thursday, 3 May 2007, 05:51 pm #
  26. You could "Ctrl+click" on the mail to open it on a new tab, and "Shift+click" to open it on a new window. There's no need to have an option for this.
    by NT on Friday, 4 May 2007, 12:20 pm #
  27. Hi,

    I was thinking a great idea would be the option to have different sounds for different labeled emails that come in. For example if you sell a product and when the paypal notification comes in you could have the cha-ching sound. Then regular emials might be another sound. Also Have it so you can set the interval it checks for to a lower rate like 10 seconds. That way if your doing as bit sales promotion sales would come in cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching =)
    by Music Player on Sunday, 10 June 2007, 07:13 pm #
  28. Nah, that's not possible because the sound setting is independent from the labels.
    BTW, you could set the interval down to 10s by making the extension check for new messages every 0.16 minute.
    by NT on Monday, 11 June 2007, 08:15 am #
  29. is it possible to get this gadget to open up mozilla thunderbird instead of the gmail webpage?
    by j03y.m4nc3r on Monday, 14 July 2008, 08:46 am #
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